Monday, August 29, 2011 Hack Spam

This website is listed on several .edu websites including But the website is there only as a result of exploiting a Wordpress vulnerability which allows for a hacker to add pages to the websites below with this link in it Here are some of the hacked websites links below

Here is the same page on other non .edu hacked websites.

By exploiting a vulnerability on these websites listed above which are mostly .edu related and placing a link to this domain The website did achieve a high placement for the keyword debt consolidation in the search engines in times of recession when more and more people are looking to consolidate there debts.

What is a top 10 keyword placement worth in Google for the keyword "debt consolidation" we do not know. We seriously doubt this is the only hack spam this person or group of people has done and are looking deeper into things.

We ask that anyone do there own investigation on this domain and if you find what we found than please do a spam report on this domain to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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